In the past few years Carlos and Mariela and their colleagues have set up more than 40 children’s restaurants to help the children and their parents in the poorest areas. The children are given a free, healthy and nutritious meal, and the workers pray with the children and tell them they are important to God and of great value.

We can see how God is changing the lives of the children, and how, with the help and support of many sponsors and the Peruvian employees the children have hope for the future. For just ten euros a month you can make a lasting change in the life of a child and those around him.

Casa Hogar Alegria

The small boy who was once left as an orphan has heeded God’s voice, as he and his wife Mariela, have become a father and mother to children who no longer have a home, or who, due to circumstances, can no longer live at home. Thanks to the help of many sponsors, Pan de Vida was able to open its first children’s home in Arequipa in the fall of 2014. The home is named: “Casa Alegria” (House of Joy).

Casa Alegria can offer a safe home environment to a maximum of eighteen vulnerable children. With a team of people, including a child psychologist, these children are given all of the care they need. The children are also introduced to God’s love, so that restoration can occur in their young lives.

Casa Alegria does not receive any kind of governmental support, and neither do the children’s restaurants. They depend entirely on financial support through gifts and donations. Every child in the home has a personal sponsor, who promises to pray for the child and send regular letters. You can sponsor a child for €50.- a month. If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form, or by sending us an e-mail at:

Daycares Facilities

Pan de Vida has set up two daycare facilities, in Arequipa and in Cajamarca. These facilities have been proven to be of great value and fulfill a need among (mostly single) mothers. Because they can leave their children at the daycare where they are safe and well cared for, they are able to work and provide income for their families. Around 25 children attend our daycare facilities every day. These facilities are totally funded by donations.