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In October of 1986 we flew to Peru (South America) for the first time, to adopt our son, Joel Carlos, who was three at the time. Nearly eighteen years later we flew to Peru again to perform the wedding ceremony for our Peruvian son and daughter-in-law. Now Carlos and Mariela live with their three daughters in Arequipa (the second largest city in Peru, Lima is the largest). God has placed a compassion in their hearts for the many children in this city, who do not get a chance to be a child and are often forced to work on the streets.

Carlos and Mariela work alongside their Peruvian colleagues and they manage more than thirty-five Christian humanitarian projects, all throughout Peru. As ambassadors of Pan de Vida we are deeply impressed by the love and dedication of all of the Peruvian employees. With just a little help from us they are able to give many children a hopeful future.

We highly recommend the work of Pan de Vida and we would like to request that you “Help Carlos and Mariela help the children of Peru!”

Wilkin and Aukje van de Kamp
Ambassadors of Pan de Vida

A Journey Of Miracles

documentary film: A JOURNEY OF MIRACLES